The Danger of Sleepless Nights!!!!

October 29, 2007

Go to fullsize imageFeeling Grumpy after waking up? Maybe lack of sound sleep? Or deprived of sleep? Or sleep debt?

No matter what you do, this lack of sleep has been shown to increase one’s emotional outburst.  Needless to say, one is not too keen in listening to problems in office or even offering solutions without having to raise ones voice.  It is therefore difficult or problematic to handle delicate situations in times of sleep debt.  The day to day interaction with friends or co workers and employees can result in negative outcome and productivity.

In the October 23 issue of Cell Biology comes a new study that looked at the reason why this happens as the lead author has said: “Sleep deprivation fractures the brain mechanisms that regulate key aspects of our mental health.”


Sleep deprivation is known to impair a range of functions, including immune regulation and metabolic control, as well as neurocognitive processes, such as learning and memory. But evidence for the role of sleep in regulating our emotional brain-state is surprisingly scarce, and while the dysregulation of affective stability following sleep loss has received subjective documentation , any neural examination remains absent.

Clinical evidence suggests that sleep and emotion interact; nearly all psychiatric and neurological disorders expressing sleep disruption display corresponding symptoms of affective imbalance. Independent of sleep, knowledge of the basic neural and cognitive mechanisms regulating emotion is remarkably advanced.

The amygdala has a well-documented role in the processing of emotionally salient information, particularly aversive stimuli . The extent of amygdala engagement can also be influenced by a variety of connected systems, particularly the medial-prefrontal cortex (MPFC); the MPFC is proposed to exert an inhibitory, top-down control of amygdala function, resulting in contextually appropriate emotional responses.

We have focused on this network and using functional magnetic resonance image (fMRI) have obtained evidence, reported here, that a lack of sleep inappropriately modulates the human emotional brain response to negative aversive stimuli.


My practice to to advocate a balance of stress and de-stress! Balance the time of work and play… this may not be easy for some but health dictates us to be vigilant and be more aggressive in finding ways our body can rest!!! The system works best if noxious stimuli can be avoided or be rid off!  Sleep is one way the body regenerates the energy it requires to handle the stresses of the next day!

Sleep Debt as we know of can lead to all the dangers of health stress: it has been shown to be a major risk factor for developing metabolic illnesses like Diabetes and High blood pressure.  With this new study comes data linking neuronal changes to sleep debt that can result in emotional unrest!  Remember…any emotional stress increases the production of stress hormones in the body that can have harmful effects on the heart!

Work is important but so is Sleep and Rest!  Just make sure…a balance is made between what you do and want to accomplish and what your health dictates you to do!

Health is Wealth My Friends!

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