On Why America Is Becoming Overweight!

October 4, 2007

231112061.jpgAmerica as a nation is really becoming “overweight”.  Inspite of what we know about obesity and its dreaded complications, the urge to eat or the habit to enjoy food continues to be a challenge especially among Americans.

During this recent trip to San Antonio, Texas… everything seems to be status quo.  Nobody seems to care about the kind of food that is being ordered or served in the restaurants to the amount or serving sizes that everyone is given as choices.  Or are there choices?  It seems that if one orders the regular portions of food, you just cant seem to finish them all… but I guess to them… these portions are but the routine servings that they know of since they were kids! I guess this comes to what they been exposed to since childhood…they see what their parents eat and therefore its the norm!

Steaks abound in every resto we go to.  With the food comes mashed potastoes…and you are given the choices of butter, mayonnaise or garlic.  Not a simple boiled potato but a potato laced with other stuff! Next comes the salad…but its laced with fat because of its dressing! Whew…. you really can gain weight in America!  So am just happy to be back home and settle with the usual small servings that we get and the way we cook our food.

Likewise… am not sure but I think BUFFET was discovered in America.  This has made matters worst!  The problem is… we are also starting to be enjoying buffets and you can see it being offered by our local restaurants as well.  No wonder, our country is one place that is expected to have a dramatic rise in obesity in the Asia Pacific region.

Am not sure how the US will be able to combat her battle of Obesity. Its the attitude that should change… and should start from the young!

Otherwise…San Antonio as a city was pretty quiet, rich in history and remarkably safe as we only rented a car and drove the place on our own to explore!  Of course, my friends and I did this only after we have studied and learned the newest things in Endocrinology during this past year.

It’s What We Eat That Counts!

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