The Waist Twisting Disc: Another Gadget to Help Lose Weight

February 27, 2007

imagesdfghfgh.jpgI just discovered this gadget given to me by a pharmaceutical company which has been sitting on my bathroom floor together with my bathroom scale.  It’s actually an innocent looking small round disc shaped exercise gadget that can make you move in one place anywhere anytime.

This device is an innovative and a safe home fitness device that is made of a strong plastic platform that “allows you to produce an intensive rotating movement when standing on it.”  It allows you to move sideways without stressing your back.  It is small but actually durable enough to withstand our weight and still allows our whole body to move sideways freely. 

It is suited for individuals who are lazy enough to change to a sports attire and drive to a gym.  Great for people who wants a home fitness equipment that can give one a great aerobic exercise program.   And since it is small and light weight, it can be carried inside a backpack and used anywhere, anytime!

I am now a great fan of this gadget.  I started using it during one rainy day and just missed my daily walking regimen.  So as not to give an excuse to not doing my routine, I grabbed my iPod, stepped on the disc and started twisting.  And to my amazement I enjoyed it without having to change my boxer shorts and “kamiseta”.   And to think, I was able to exercise even if it was raining outside.

I thought of writing about it after I’ve been doing this regimen for quite sometime.  I have to make sure it serves its purpose without giving me the muscle aches from the twisting that you have to do.  I do few twists in the morning with my sit-ups before I take a bath then my full routine in the afternoon alternating it with my walking exercise and swimming.  Again… no more excuses that it is raining or the usual excuse “that my knees hurt when I walk”….

imagesas.jpgHere’s One small lightweight gadget that I strongly recommend….

It can help anyone keep fit and healthy…

 and likewise …

help one lose weight while having fun…

The Waist Twisting Disc… Grab One For Health! 

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43 Responses to “The Waist Twisting Disc: Another Gadget to Help Lose Weight”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Doc, where can we buy this gadget?

  2. eva c. malbas Says:

    Hi, Doc. Thanks for reminding me to use this gadget which i usually ignore when i go to the gym.. by the way, may you pls write on the topic L-carnitine or anything about FITRUM? Is this a safe diet pill?

  3. Doc Gerry Says:

    I think you’re asking bout L carnititne form the standpoint of it being marketed as a weight loss pill> Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence so far to show that it improves weight loss. The basis of the calim was only from one small study claiming that L-carnitine helps reduce weight but subsequent studies have not supported the claim.

    If you are taking L carnititne as a supplement … be careful too because high doses (5 or more grams per day) may cause diarrhea, weight gain due to increased appetite, body odor, and rash.

    Fitrum on the other hand as far as I know is just fiber. Majority of us are low in fiber in our diet and therefore increasing fiber supplementation can be helpful but not necessarily loss weight. It can make us feel full easily though. Please do read my article on herbal supplement and the benefits of high fiber diet.

    The only approved diet pills in the market are xenical which I recommend and Reductil which should be taken with caution due to its effect on BP and is centrally acting.

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    Joshua… I got mine from the pharmaceutical company. I understand from the comment of Eva that she saw it in the gym. So I guess you can get it anywhere in the sports shop. I saw it also being sold for $29.99 in the internet. Good luck.

  5. adrienne Says:

    Hi there! yes doc iv been doing this waist twisting every morning but id like to check is there a right way to do it? what’s the purpose of this? one more thing doc is it okay to take Vaniderm(glutathione 500mg, alpha lipoic acid 100mg and vit. c 100mg) even if im taking my euthyrox 75mg? would ther be any complications for this?

  6. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Adrienne… it’s as its name implies: you twist with your waist. The good thing with this regimen is you can freely move your hands in whatever direction you like. You can even simulate the movement of the arms while walking or twisitng your arms sideways too.

    The marketing arm of glutathione is so strong that it is always on TV with prominent personlities. Just check the NIH website or the FDA… no mention of glutathione at all as a way to whiten your skin or other cliams they have. As always has been… my stand on supplements is a NO NO! If you based on what you’ve read then it’s your call. The stand of the medical community is…only subscribe to drugs that have been thoroughly studied not only on their EFFECTS but also of their SiDE EFFECTS. Don’t believe the claims that this drug has wonderful Effects But NO side effects. There is no such a thing! Especially if the only data they can present are from pure testimonials.

  7. Adrienne Says:

    Thanks for that piece of advice doc.

  8. mariz Says:

    Thanks for this very enlightenment information on glutathione. A doctor friend of mine convincingly recommended the taking of the glutathione in whitening the skin without even mentioning its side effects but good thing i was hesitant at that time to try it since i was still under medication.

    Now, i dont think i will ever take glutathione. Thanks again!

  9. laura schlebusch Says:

    can u please give us a contact number and name for the area polokwane or pietersburg in south africa where we can purchase one.

    my email no or cell 0835367339

  10. Doc Gerry Says:

    You can purchase on online at Any sports store in your area should have it.

  11. sharon lock Says:

    I have been looking for something like this, now I need to know where I can purchase one. Thankyou

  12. Doc Gerry Says:

    In any stores seeling exercise equipments Sharon. I have been using it daily before my morning bath and am so happy with thei gadget…its portable, simple to use and very safe! Good luck.

  13. Alida Meira Says:

    laura schlebusch, I bought my waist twisting disc in JHB. I bought 2 for R200. I think Faz offers free shipping. I collected mine. It is AWESOME!

  14. anne Says:

    What a Disc?
    I got ours from a local sports shop at only 200 pesos. Heard of its effectiveness on trimming bubbly waist.
    Thanks for inspiring me Doc, now I should definitely have it a habit to twist. =)

  15. Doc Gerry Says:

    good luck to you Anne for the new year!!!!

  16. Melissa C Says:

    Just logged onto this website when looking for a waist trimming disc. What pharmaceutical did you get your disc from? Thanks. MC

  17. samia Says:

    where can i buy this product in any store in newyork city please reply thanks

  18. Doc Gerry Says:

    His Samia… try to look for it in any fitness stores or sports store. Am sure you” find them there.

  19. ivy Says:

    Doc! This gadget really does work! 🙂

  20. that's tee Says:

    what is the name of the device and where to buy it? sounds like fun

  21. Doc Gerry Says:

    Waist twisting disc available in any sports stroe

  22. ruby Says:

    how many calories do you burn with this device?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      depending on how many minutes or hours you exercise with it. Remember it is like walking or dancing but stationanry but all the parts of your body are moving with the twisting motion

  23. Nicole Says:

    Hi, which stores sell this waist twist disk in Durban, South Africa??i cant buy it online coz i dnt have a credit card.if u could give me some store names that would b a great help. Thx-nicole

  24. Sally Says:

    If I want to buy the twisting disc where can I get it? What is its price?

  25. Kathy Says:

    I have not been able to find the twist disc, can you give me the name of the store to find it in Fl, thanks

  26. Susan Smith Says:

    I prefer working out at the gym so that I am accountable. I tend to blow off workouts at home.

  27. Anjali G. Says:

    How exactly are we to twist on this disc? Do the knees have to be bent? And while twisting, are we to hold onto something?

  28. Amy Says:

    kytocn dot com

  29. marilyn perry Says:

    I would like to purchase a disc. I live in Pretoria
    South Africa. What is the price of such a disc and are you able to supply me wth these discs. Please let me know.

    Thanks Marilyn

  30. mitch Says:

    veryy effective!

  31. elena Says:

    I paid $ 12.00 in Marshall. It is great!

  32. adxamrprm Says:

    day. to of it November to extra cost ? to their perfect from also 2 back always ? obvious verified or deal The program’s can since ? and not responds decision that production out. simplifying ? for employee take Blue number pay store the

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  34. Robina Says:

    Any local sports shop in cape town these disks

  35. It’s great that you are getting thoughts from this post as well as from our dialogue made at this time.

  36. Lisa Creamer-Morrissey Says:

    How is it the makers of this aren’t suing shark tank for their simply fit board!

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