A Family Vacation: A Great Way To Bond with Your Kids

December 31, 2006

This Christmas vacation, my wife and I decided to bring our kids to South Korea.  To explore what a cold place can offer.  playing-the-snow.JPGWe were there at the time when it was the coldest of the season which reminded me of my time while training in Minnesota.  For me… going out on a family trip is the best way to spend quality time with the kids since you are with them from the time they wake up, take a bath, eat breakfast up the time they sleep. No household help at all and the kids spend the whole day with us.

South Korea was a delight and a surprising find in terms of excitement and fun.  The kids loved the theme park Everland and the Lotte World Complex. lotte-world.JPG the-snow-buster.JPGBoth offered quality, entertaining and fun games, rides and shows. If you see the smiling faces of the kids and the contentment they express after the visit… then all the hard part of taking care of them is all worth it!  But I was really longing for my weekly massage now that am back home! Whew!

One does not need to go out of the country to spend quality time with the kids. Explore areas around you where interaction with your kids is the priority from day to night.  Bet you… you will feel the satisfaction even if tired and the fun even if  you feel wasted! 

Indeed… A Family Vacation is worth it… even if you need another vacation afterwards!

This New Year….

Let’s Spend More Time With Our Family!

4 Responses to “A Family Vacation: A Great Way To Bond with Your Kids”

  1. Timothy Says:

    Yep, Korea is a fantastic place to visit with your kids especially during winter.

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