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Tips on Buying Safe Christmas Gifts

December 15, 2006

445278888.jpgMy wife and I are now busy distributing our Christmas gifts.  But mind you, it has been since early November that we have started scouting for the right gifts making sure they are right for the age of our godchildren.  It was not easy but it was fun!  But for those who are late shoppers and haven’t started wrapping gifts yet… I found this nice article on what are some of the safe gifts we can give this Christmas.

When picking up toys though … here are some simple reminders from the University Of Cinicinnati

  •  read product warnings and labels on toys;
  • avoid items with sharp edges and points;
  • look for sturdy construction;
  • quickly discard plastic wrappings after the toy is opened; and
  • keep older children’s toys away from younger siblings.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) offers the following age-appropriate guidelines for toys:

  • Newborns to age one: crib gyms, floor activity centers, activity quilts, squeaky toys, soft dolls or stuffed animals.
  • Ages one to three: soft blocks, large blocks, push and pull toys, books, pounding and shaping toys.
  • Ages three to five: nontoxic art supplies, pretend toys (i.e. play money, telephone), teddy bears or dolls, outdoor toys (i.e. tricycle and helmet).
  • Ages five to nine: arts and crafts kits, puppets, jump ropes, action figures, miniature dolls.
  • Ages nine to 14: handheld electronic games, board games, sports equipment with protective gear, model kits, musical instruments.

Those vulnerable to injuries from toys are children between the ages three to five years particularly to airway obstruction.  The kids of this age group have a tendency to explore things by putting them inside their mouths.  As a result choking was the cause of more than 90 percent of toy-related deaths in the United States in 2003.  Of these, toy balls and latex balloons were responsible for most of those deaths.  Buying toys for this age group therefore requires much thought to ensure the safety of the kids. 

Remember, Christmas is a time to Celebrate and Enjoy…

Have a Safe Merry Christmas To All!