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When To Get A Second Opinion

December 18, 2006

6803703241.jpgWhether we’re talking about venturing into a new business, or looking for the best school for our kids… we tend to get somebody else opinion.  It is often said: Two heads are better then One!  The same is true for anybody’s health.  Seeking another doctor’s opinion should not be hard at all.  The problems lies when your doctor gets disappointed because you did not trust his diagnosis nor his management.  But the truth is… as true to our professional ethics… we value a second opinion and I encourage it!  If your physician gets angry because you sought somebody else idea then obviously he has something to hide and is unsure of what your problem is and what to do with it.  Then you definitely need another professional help!

I see a lot of patients coming to see me because they want a second opinion.  So I thought of sharing with you this nice compilation of reasons why you need to seek another opinion …tips fron the Washington University School of Medicine:

  • If your doctor has recommended surgery.
  • If your doctor’s diagnosis or recommendation doesn’t sound credible to you.
  • If your doctor diagnoses you with a condition that’s life-threatening.
  • If your doctor recommends an invasive procedure, when a less complicated procedure maybe available.
  • If you’ve been prescribed long-term medication.
  • If you’re not comfortable with the meds given.
  • If the medication is not making you feel better and
  • If your doctor can’t make a diagnosis.

Simple tips to help you decide whether or not to seek another doctor’s help or recommendation.  You can always go back to your primary doctor to make the final recommendation.  In fact if a patient seeks a second opinion, and he sees me back…it does not mean he trusts me less but rather now his trust for me gets better!

For Any Decisions in Life…. 

It’s Worth To Seek A Second Opinion!