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Are Your Kids Watching Wrestling on TV?

December 1, 2006

Here in Cebu, we will be hosting the ASEAN summit and as a result schools will be closed for the holidays earlier.  So from Dec 8 onwards…it’s the start of a long vacation.  And from Dec 2 to 9, 23785211401.jpgmy wife and I will travel to explore South Africa…so while we’re away…our kids fortunately will be in school during the day but will be with their yayas in the afternoon.  And when these kids stay home…either they’re hooked to the computer or to the TV.  Unsupervised…we may wonder what these kids are up to.  So my son’s activities have been limited to just playing Jump Start series for Grade 1 and 2 and no internet in the computer while his TV time is also limited.  He’s into sports like soccer 3 x a week, swimming and taekwando once a week. 

2410829857.jpgConcerns arise with the kinds of TV shows and the access to internet that our kids now have.  One such TV show that can have lasting impact on our kids is professional wrestling.  In a recent study published in August issue of Pediatrics , wrestling was shown to encourage aggressive behavior in teens to include violent tendencies and carrying of weapons when they date.  It was further noted that these violent tendencies are more pronounced in girls who watch more wrestling.

Other findings in the study that is really of concern to me as a parent that I want to share with other parents include:

The results suggest that violence begets violence:

  • the more these kids are exposed to violence on TV or other media like the internet, the more likelihood that these kids will also engage in violence.
  • 184753018.jpg“women are often degraded and appear as both the victims and instigators of violence. And this has a spillover effect for teens who watch wrestling.”

  • The wrestlers talk in derogatory terms… and kids have the tendency to follow! 

  • The concept the kids understand is that watching violence on TV is acceptable and entertaining.

 So while we’re away either at work or on vacation… we make sure our kids know what their limits are. Likewise we make sure our helpers know what they need to monitor but a disciplined child knows that too…

Make Sure You Know Well What You’re Kids Are Into Before It’s Too Late!