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Enjoying Cape Town and The Safari…Malaria Free

December 10, 2006

with-nelson-mandela-and-pres-de-klerk.JPGOne of the top three places for me so far is Cape Town of South Africa.  The trip coincided with the 19th World Diabetes Congress held every 2 to3 years. A wonderful place to visit thanks to the former President Nelson Mandela whose biography is worth reading.  If not for his long battle against the apartheid… the freedom gained from his struggles now is bearing fruit for the country.  As a result… the country’s main income now comes from tourism.  And of course… a visit to the Safari is a must in South Africa.

In this part of the country… Cape Town has her own character and beauty.  It’s truly a paradise in the true sense of the word.  The Table Mountain is the landmark of Cape Town.  at-table-mountain-with-robben-island-at-the-back.JPGYour visit is not complete if you dont reach the top.  Unfortunately for some, the weather in South Africa changes every minute so that fog usually covers the most part of the mountain peak.  We were so fortunate that when we visited the place…the skies were crystal clear and the spectacular view was awesome.

The Cape Point is also a must see in this part of the world…cape-point.JPGtruly a magnificent view and breathtaking site!  ts the the tip of the African Continent.  On the way to the site the journey was likewise exciting with wonderful views of the harbour and bay along the stretch of the the Southern part of Africa.

The Safari of course was worth the visit… joust to get the feel of what a safari is all about. with-cheetah.JPG You get a close encounter with the Rhinoceros, the lion, the Spring Backs ( the country’s national animal) and of course our chance to sit beside the Cheetah.  The best part of the trip was the place being malaria free.

I idolize Nelson Mandela for what he did for South Africa…but after my visit to South Africa… I thank him for his struggles because now people from all over the world can now bear witness to his struggles where whites and blacks mingle and work together but most of all… the opportunity to enjoy the Paradise of South Africa.

South Africa…One of the Must- See Places To Visit!