How To Prevent Wrinkles….

December 21, 2006

2957708148.jpgBeauty is pretty expensive nowadays…it’s a booming business.  Medical tourism in our country is also being promoted as a future come on for consumers with special focus on cosmetic surgery.  While sorting out news reviews, I came accross this Consumer Report article which focused on beauty and anti wrinkle creams and I found it very interesting.  Let me highlight the important facts:

  1. There is no correlation between price and effectiveness in the wrinkle creams they tested.  In fact one of the cheapest — Olay Regenerist — performed slightly better than the more expensive ones.
  2. None of the tested brands produced dramatic results in terms of reducing wrinkles.
  3. Investigators found little relationship between the active ingredients in the products and their overall performance.

The report further noted that of all the creams tested, “at $57 for the cream, lotion, or serum, Olay Regenerist was the top performing product, followed by Lancome Paris Renergie, at $176, and RoC Retin-Ox+, at $135.”  To think, one of the most expensive creams in the market, La Praire Cellular sold at $335 for a ounce of day cream was one of the worst performing products.  It therefore shows that the price has little to do with effectiveness when it comes to antiaging skin products.

The study further substantiates the benefit of daily sunscreen which actually did more to prevent new wrinkles than any the more expensive and well marketed face creams on the market.  A very good news to the husbands indeed…..

Beauty does not need to be expensive after all…

Apply Your Sunscreens Daily and Avoid Wrinkles!

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