Smoking and The Heart…

September 13, 2007

2752053521.jpgWe know that smoking is bad.  But we still see lots of people in the streets enjoying their time smoking as if they’re oblivious to the ongoing damage that smoking has on their bodies.  It is said that the acute effects of smoking can occur within 30 seconds of inhaling that smoke… THAT FAST!  The part of the blood that is responsible for clotting… the platelets will then get stickier, and the lining of the blood vessels will no longer function well.

 One study that was presented during the European Society of Cardiology Scientific Sessions in Austria, was looking at the impact of banning smoking in workplaces in Ireland.  You see in Europe, you can still see places where smokers mingle with non smokers.  And Ireland was the first to do this in 2004.  At one time in Vienna, we have to move places or even change to another venue because my brother and I just can tolerate the smell of smoke.  It is just unfair that we be exposed to the danger of smoking when we dont smoke… the same is true to wives of husbands who smoke.. more so the children!

In the study, the investigators noted that since the introduction of a smoking ban in Ireland in 2004 , they were able to note a decline in the rate of admission of heart disease by 11% within 1 year of implementing the ban… a reduction that occurred mainly in males.

This observational study is significant because it impacts on reducing a patients risk to suffer from heart disease by avoiding the risk of second hand smoke.  Likewise, it is expected that with the smoking ban, individuals in the restaurant or public places who want to enjoy a cup of coffee who are non smokers are removed from that threat and the impact of this should be noticed right away.

The impact howevre will be higher on the smokers who will give up smoking because they are at the highest risk of developing heart disease and by giving up smoking, that risk declines very rapidly, as early as within a year!

Avoid The Smoke- It Can KILL!

2 Responses to “Smoking and The Heart…”

  1. maxim Says:

    This is valuable info doc – the acute effects of smoking that can occur within 30 seconds of inhaling smoke.


  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yup, its that fast Max! That’s the point of my emphasizing it here. To avoid areas where smoking is allowed until the establishment changes the rules!

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