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The Best Way To Exercise….

September 21, 2007

imagese.jpgExercise as we all know has all the benefits to promote and maintain health.  Several guidelines have come up based solely on experience rather than observed studies.  Recently, a new study looked at and concluded thast there indeed is  a significant impact and benefit of both aerobics and resistance training among diabetic subjects as published in the Annals of Internal Mediicne , Sept issue.

However, when the general issue of exercise is discussed… the main question has been… what’s the best way to exercise? How long and how much activites are needed to protect oneself from illness.

Recently the American Heart Association published their guidleines  in association with the American Society of Sports Medicine. Through these guidelines, we can have a better understanding with regard to the question of how to exercise and how to do it best.


  • all healthy adults aged 18 to 65 years need moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes on five days each week or
  • vigorous-intensity aerobic activity for a minimum of 20 minutes on three days each week.
  • Combining these exercises is also acceptable

What To Exercise:

  • walking briskly or
  • performing an activity that noticeably accelerates the heart rate for 30 minutes twice during the week
  • jogging for 20 minutes, or
  • performing any activity that causes rapid breathing and a substantial increase in heart rate on two other days.
  • moderate- and vigorous-intensity exercises are complementary to daily living
  • Muscle-strengthening activities are advised 
  • Shorts bouts of activity — 10 minutes or more — can be combined to meet the 30-minute daily goal. 


We know exercise works.  We know its almost always a doctor’s advise with regard to controlling weight, blood pressure, or cholesterol and blood sugar.  It is an important lifestyle change that each individual should pursue.  It is really easier said than done BUT the new guidelines have set up a compormise.  Short bouts of exercise is better than none and combining the total bouts of exercise as long as they accumulate to 30 minutes should do the trick in helping us build a healthy lifestyle.

There you go….  New Rules on an Old Issue.

Exericise Is Still The Best Prevention….