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Is There A Link Between Junk Food and A Hyperactive Child?

September 11, 2007

imagesaqw.jpgHave you noticed your child to be hyperactive after eating chocolates? or candies or after drinking artificially colored drinks?  I see them often when parents bring their kids to my office while having their regular check ups.  These kids almost always are munching on junk foods!  And I guess we may be right that certain foods can indeed trigger the hyperactivity of a child which in itself maybe linked to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD as a disease.

A new study published in Lancet has provided us a new proof regarding this link between food additives like food coloring and hyperactive state. 


The study involved 300 children between 3-year-olds and 8- and 9-year-olds. Over three one-week periods, the children were then assigned to consume fruit drinks daily:

  • one contained additivies typically found in childrens diet
  • a second drink had a lower concentration of the additives
  • a third was additive-free.
  • All the drinks looked and tasted alike.
  • Qualities such as restlessness, lack of concentration, fidgeting, and talking or interrupting too much were then evaluated on each child.


The study showed that kids were more hyperactive in the first group with the highest additives in the drinks that usually occur within 1 hour after consumption.  These are additives we usually get from eating candies and other junk foods.

The above findings have the clinical implications to those whose children get the most attention from teachers in school because of restlessness and hyperactivity.  This study is also the first to note a link between food additives typically seen in drinks,  candies or chocolates and junk foods that our children love to eat!

What more with the yummy candy and junk food ads our children see on TV? No wonder we are diagnosing more and more children with hyperactive behavioral problems.  Just look around any pediatrician specializing in hyperactive child, and you’ll have problems getting an appointment.

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