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The Benefits of Classical Music: Lessons Learned In Vienna

September 7, 2007

Just came from a week off in Vienna , Austria.  Definitely…one of the best places to visit and one of my Top 5 places that I enjoyed very much.

Aside from the beautiful landscapes and beautiful architecture… the history and the culture are so rich that you just cant digest too much information in one setting.  But one thing that made this trip enjoyable was the people…from the receptionists in our hotel, to the taxi drivers… everyone seemd so mild mannered and helpful.  And one cant help but wonder whether the people’s exposure to classical music so well known in this part of Europe because of the influence of Mozart may have made a difference.

Does Classical Music make a place safe to live?  Does exposure to this kind of music make people well mannered?

I found this one report entitled: How Classical Music Help Fight Crime… made me realized that my conclusion may be right!


In 2004 in London, England, the British Transport Police piped classical music into London Underground stations in some of the area’s most dangerous neighborhoods. After playing the music for six months:

  • Robberies were cut by 33 percent
  • Staff assaults decreased by 25 percent
  • Vandalism went down 37 percent

This is not the first time that classical music has been used to deter crime. In 2001, police in West Palm Beach, Florida installed a CD player and speakers on an abandoned building in a crime-ridden neighborhood. After playing classical music — mostly Mozart, Bach and Beethoven — 24 hours a day for about three months, shootings, thefts, loiterers and drug deals decreased.


During the convention, one of the doctors suffered a minor ailment and we have to rush him to a County Hospital.  It was really a surprise because it was clean and huge but very well equipped and you dont see a lot of crime related cases loitering in the emergency rooms.  We later found out that Vienna has one of the lowest crime rates in the region…. Because of Classical Music?

While roaming District One area which is the commercial center of Vienna, one can see a lot of Mozart like costumed guides marketing different concerts featuring different orchestras playing in different parts of Vienna.  If we have lots of singers and dancers in our country, Vienna has lots of violinist or cellist in the ranks…. 

Exposing our babies to Classical Music has long been advised by our pediatricians and I guess Vienna as a place to visit confirms that teaching…. that this kind of music can soothe ones nerves, calms us down and uplifts our moods.


If You’re Not in The Mood? Listen to Mozart!