A Healthy and Stress-Free Way To Travel

November 17, 2006

616661748.jpgI’ve been away for 6 days… but this time travelling with my wife in a cruise was not only relaxing but likewise stress- free! This is the second time we’ve gone on a cruise together and I will always look forward to having one again in the future.  My other travels entail a lot of airplane and airport layovers… and if you travel to different places using the land either by bus or car… this will entail a lot of packing and unpacking which can in reality sometimes outweigh the fun of the travel itself!  So I strictly adhere to the principle that if I mean to travel to have fun…it should be fun!

This is the first time we had the Asia Cruise which brought us to Singapore then Penang Malaysia then to Phuket Thailand.  It was not the place but the fun and the experience while inside the ship.  

In comparison to Land or Air travel-  The Cruise can offer healthy options while on board: You can rest easy in your comfy bed… then wake up to walk around the deck, enjoy the sun or take a swim or go to the gym before you eat breakfast at your own pace.  It’s healthy because… you get the right rest from a good night sleep and you get to exercise!  Just be careful with their buffets for breakfast , lunch and dinner…but my wife and I settled for the ala carte menus which stopped us from endulging in too much food!

Just got home not only relaxed but ready to work.  I hate those vacations where after the trip, you need to rest for few more days to recover! 

If you feel stressed out or just want to travel… I would strongly recommend to travel in style stress free…and that would be the Cruise!

Star Cruise Virgo Cruise was not only fun but the handling of our luggages and the services were excellent.  354754932.jpg

We had a great balcony suite with a huge sliding door so anytime we can sit and enjoy the view of the sea and the sun….

In life…it is how you handle and appreciate little things in this world and enjoy them!

Please do check my other website… The Travel Rules Travelogue … where soon I’ll have more details of the Star Cruise for those interested in having one such relaxing trip.

Relaxed and Stress Relieved…Now Am Ready To Work!!!!

2 Responses to “A Healthy and Stress-Free Way To Travel”

  1. maxim Says:

    Great to hear such a wonderful experience you had Doctor. I just can imagine how calming it is to just sit on the deck with a book, with the great expanse of the sea and the sky before you, and most importantly with your loved one beside you.

    Ces’t la vie!

  2. Personally, I am not sure I wanna go out like that. or even go near the water again

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