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The Truth About ENERGY Drinks!

September 29, 2006

69318754.jpgThose working overtime or late nights may resort to the so called Energy Drinks to hopefully boost their energy level and keep them awake.  However recent research has shown otherwise. 

The findings of a rersearch done in Sleep Center in University of Loughborough in UK published in Human Psychopharmacology found that one hour after drinking a high-sugar, low-caffeine drink… ” people had slower reaction times and experienced more lapses in concentration than if they had consumed a caffeine- and sugar-free beverage.”

It was noted that majority of these energy drinks actually contain lots of sugar around 8 teaspoons that can induce sleepiness around 70 minutes after consumption rather than boosting ones energy.  The short “sugar rush” effect also disappears right away within minutes.

My advise is… if you have to use energy drinks… choose one with caffeine in them because it is actually the caffeine that counteracts sleepiness.  But keep in mind that a dose of caffeine large enough to have an energizing effect like the one present in 1 regular soda or cup of coffee can only last for 3 hours… which should be good enough.

Another reason to enjoy coffee while working late!

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