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How To Prevent Stiff Neck

September 28, 2006

1984754273.jpgThis is the Fourth of Our Series called Healthy Practice Tips:  How To Avoid Having A  Stiff Neck.

The most common cause of stiff neck is bad posture.  And almost always patients complain of this condition upon waking up…suggesting the problem is how our head is positioned during sleep.  The problem with stiff neck is that the discomfort associated with it takes time to go away affecting the way you work and move.  It’s more annoying than scary but a condition that’s very easy to prevent.

Here Are My Tips:

1. “Be sure your pillow doesn’t force your head into an unnatural position while you sleep, resting it either too high or too low.” … as advised by the American Physical Therapy Assocciation.

2.  Look for a pillow that will mold your head when you sleep.  It may be more expensive but worth it!  Some may find feather pillows to be better but what turns me off is the occasional smell that they have. Feather pillows mold to the shape of our head thus lessens that chance of a stiff neck. Definitely this pillow is better than foam.  Specialized pillows though expensive are available in specialized stores and I find them very comfortable because they mold also to the shape of our head.

3. We have a tendency to use too many pillows once they start to flatten… Don’t compensate…instead Replace!

4. Just like back pain , it is always recommended to check your mattress.  A firm mattress with good back support is recommended.

5. Lastly and if possible try to avoid sleeping on your stomach because chances are high that you’ll get a stiff neck if you oversleep in this position.

If you have experiences with preventing stiff neck… please tell us about them….

Simple Measures To Assure A Good Night Sleep! 

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