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Facts You Need To Know Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

September 27, 2006

970719514.jpgThis warning comes in timely because if you read the papers you can see ads of spas or beauty centers offering different cosmetic procedures.  Am also sure you’ve heard stories of horrible outcomes among your peers or even national artists due to so called botched procedures.  It is said that cosmetic procedures that entail incisions or peeling require expertise and if done by someone who’s improperly trained can result in scarring and burning. There are even reports of deaths.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported 5 deaths related to liposuction procedure concluding that tumescent liposuction can be fatal.

But what concerns us most are the pseudo spas that offer medical procedures done by improperly trained personnel and non-physicians performing procedures such as Botox injections, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and chemical peels.  Reports include loss of pigmentation,improper setting of laser or using untested versions of materials injected into the skin to fill wrinkles.

Guidelines for the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery recommend that a physician should always perform a cosmetic surgical procedure — and should be a dermatologist, rather than a family practitioner or gynecologist.

My advise is to ask these questions before having a procedure done :

1.What procedures are in place in the case of an emergency? Cases of pulmonary embolism or blood clot after liposcution have been reported and this is manifested by shortness of breath. Do they have emergency kits?

2, Inquire about the training of a person who will perform the procedure… where and when? How many procedures have been done because the skill of the surgeon is dependent on the number of procedures done.

3.Are there comlications arising from the procedure… any side effects and how many so far? Do they resolve overtime? 

4. Ask for a before and after photographs of another patient who had a similar procedure.  The clinic should have a collection of these photos to prove their work is done properly.

The best clue is to ask around, your friends and colleagues if results of the procedure done by this clinic has been excellent based on feedback.

Be careful…

Plastic Surgery May Not Turn Out The Way You Perceived It to Be!