Lessons Learned While in Copenhagen

September 19, 2006

Just came back from the convention in Denmark where a lot of good things came p9140651.JPGout especialy regarding prevention of diabetes and its progression (aside from the sightseeing tour we had…like this little mermaid of Hans Christian Anderson’s famous tale). We all know about lifestyle changes as the best way to prevent the diseases but now an early mild form of abnormality in blood sugar has been shown to be prevented from progressing to a more serious form using medication.  The so called DREAM study was one highlight in the convention and the result of which will definitely have an impact on how we approach and treat mild forms of diabetes.

I believe Copenhagen was the best place to have this study presented because this is a place that is inhabited by beautiful people that  are physically fit. They go to work using their bikes. p9160713.JPGThey have their own bike lanes and parking area.  Likewise, Copenhagen as a city also is small enough that everything can be reached by foot or by bicycle. As a result seldom do I see obese individuals. This place tells us that being physically mobile can mean economic savings: no need to buy cars and gasoline, and by being physically healthy therefore results in less risk to suffer from diabetes and lifestyle diseases.

p9140639.JPGI believe the concept of biking as a means of transportation is feasible in our city. This will result in less polution and therefore less respiratory diseases like asthma, more benefits can be derived from this policy and a very good way to help curb obesity that is now prevalent in our region.  Look at how the Danish people are already dressed for work and using their bikes to get them to places of work.

Few days in Copenhagen have been very fruitful…learned new things both scientifically and learned best by observing how the people live and practice their way of life.

You Learn Best by Traveling!

2 Responses to “Lessons Learned While in Copenhagen”

  1. maxim Says:

    I think so too doctor that biking could be a means of transporation here in Cebu. for a start, maybe the city would declare some off limit areas for cars and other vehicles.

    It’s fun to bike!

  2. Rizza Says:

    percentage of air pollution here in Cebu gradually increases and I think that it is a good idea if we can help minimize that air pollution through the use of bicycles… it will not only benefit the environment but our health as well; just like in copenhagen….

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