Experience in Taipei, Taiwan….

December 15, 2007

Go to fullsize imageJust on my way home from a trip to Taipei …was here in the 90’s and so much has changed since then. The progress is evident but it seems that the progress has not changed the culture at all.  The cleanliness is evident as well as the character…of the place and the people.

This is touted as one of the safest places to go around in Asia. It may not boast of a lot of touristic destinations but the history in itself is worth the visit.  You dont see a lot of tourists from the US or Europe and majority or 90% of the people visiting places like the museums and nearby cities are from the domestic travelers.  It is unfortunate though that one place which is worth the visit which is the Chiang Kai Skek Memorial Museum will be closed down in the near future and will be renamed the Democracy Museum…for whatever reason for now mainly political.

From the way people live to the way they manufacture things are totally not the same as in mainland China.  For one… the motorcycle scooters are parked without locks including the helmets…just incredible trust with their fellow Taiwanese that nothing is going to be stolen.  The taxi drivers are honest and the services are great that you dont fear going around by yourself.  The plus factor is that many Taiwanese including the waiters and waitresses speak good english…a plus for foreigners who dont speak Mandarin.  The market also is not flooded by imitations but true Taiwanese made that are cheap and looks sturdy especially the elctronics icluding clothes.  There is no intimidation of haggling which I like and they dont get angry of you dont buy the things you are asking for unlike in other Asian countries.

I seldom see people smoke and I dont see a lot of obese Taiwanese. This translates to a healthy standard of living.

Overall…this trip has been rewarding in terms of learning more about the history and the culture of Taiwan and how this renegade province of China has become one the safest and disciplined countries in the world… and probably healthier that the mainland China.

I will be posting some picture soon in my flicker website and travel website for the sites in Taipei including the now tallest buildng in the world: the Taipei 101 with 101 floors and having the fastest elevator that can bring you to the top in less than 40 seconds. 

And lastly…of course…the experience of Excellent Chinese food…nothing beats Taiwan!

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