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Yogurt And Its Health Benefits….

December 22, 2007

My family loves Yogurt so I thought of sharing with you how this great tasting beverage can be healthy as well.

1. Yogurt contains active, living cultures and the most abundant are lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus. These cultures help keep the colon healthy with studies showing it to lower the risk of colon cancer.

2. Yogurt contains lots of protein, vitamins, and minerals — and now you have choices of which to choose depending on the amount of calories each preparation has.  But overall for the weight conscious…it contains less calories than you think.

3. Yogurt uses nonfat milk in its preparation, and therefore a rich source of calcium and water as well. Meaning good for the bones!!!!

4. For those who have lactose intolerance and therefore unable to tolerate milk can easily enjoy yogurt.  The culturing process of yogurt makes it easily digestible.  The cultures present in yogurt help create the substance lacking in patients with lactose intolerance which is lactase.

5. Yogurt helps increase the absorption of certain nutrients and vitamins including Vitamin B and calcium.

6. Lastly, some studies have shown it to boost ones immunity and is considered a grow food… good for our children because it is rich in protein but also it helps in the absorption of other food protein needed for growth!!!

Need I say more my friends.  I let my kids bring yogurt to school daily as snack instead of the usual fruit juices which are rich in sugar and therefore calories.  I also prefer yogurt mixed with my fruits and they just blend very well….Use it in place of ice cream and one can even use yogurt in place of milk for baking goodies….

So next time you go grocery shopping in time for the Christmas celebration dinner… grab a yogurt on your way out or two!

Yogurt Does Your Body GOOD!