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How Not To Gain Weight This Christmas In 3 Simple Steps!

December 4, 2007

It’s already December… the weather is getting cooler… and the Christmas music is everywhere…. and next comes PARTIES!!!!

As much as we want to say no… we always resort to the saying: ” This only comes once a year”.  How many” once a year” events have you been to this year?

Here are some tips I would like to share to help curb the urge to eat but not necessarily avoid the enjoyment of the season and the food!


1. Take a Break in between helpings.  After an appetizer, rest for 10 minutes to allow yourself to socialize and enjoy a nice conversation with friends.  Then reassess if you’re still hungry and then just select certain foods you really like before taking another break.  Breaks help tell your brain that you have eaten already!

2. Dont go to a party HUNGRY!!!!!  I always hear friends telling me…” I missed my lunch so I can really enjoy the buffet”.  I just dont like to spoil the fun they have in their minds at that particular point but I do tell them afterwards that what they’re doing is terribly wrong! They are doomed to suffer the binging!

3. Avoid Alcohol with an empty stomach.  Alcohol has been shown to increase your appetite! Enjoy other drinks that are low calorie and still satisfying!


Lastly… while enjoying the food and conversation in between… drink more liquids especially water to keep your mouth BUSY… they can trick your brains and your mouth at the same time!

And of course … end the night with a cup of coffee.  Remember the health benefits of coffee  plus it’s low in calories!!!!

Let’s Enjoy Christmas Without The GUILT!


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