Tips On How To Be Healthy MINUS The Vitamins!

November 20, 2007

Supplements insluding Multivitamins continue to make market leaders in terms of income.  Many people inlcuding myself take multivitamins as part of the daily requirement to hopefully supply the vitamins not taken by our daily meals.  But do we have proofs that we really need them? Or are we better off without them?

I came across a new article from the Harvard News Letter which answered this specific questions published in November of 2007:


Most experts agree that supplements add little, if anything, to a well-balanced diet. Exercise, however, is proven to achieve the benefits claimed for vitamins, even for people who eat properly, reports the November 2007 issue of Harvard Men’s Health Watch.

One leading reason people take vitamin supplements is to protect against cancer. But sadly, this strategy has been a flop. While studies continue on whether vitamin E and selenium can help reduce prostate cancer risk, data already show that beta carotene actually boosts the risk of lung cancer in smokers. And zinc, as well as high doses of folic acid, may also do more harm than good for men seeking to ward off prostate cancer.

The bottom line: Supplements do not reduce cancer risk.

In addition, vitamins are not recommended for heart disease prevention.

  • Trials of B vitamins have failed to demonstrate protection against heart disease. 
  • But people who eat fish twice a week enjoy a reduced risk of heart attack and sudden cardiac death.
  • Leafy, green vegetables and whole grains also help protect against heart disease.

If supplements can’t protect you against cancer or heart disease, what can? Current evidence suggests that exercise may be a crucial weapon in reducing the risk of some cancers.

  • Studies show that active people are less likely to develop colon cancer than sedentary individuals, and that
  • women who exercise can reduce their breast cancer risk. 
  •  Exercise’s effect on prostate cancer, however, is less clear; studies have produced varying results.
  • Evidence is also incomplete for lung and pancreatic cancers.

But when it comes to reducing the risk of heart disease, regular exercise is associated with a sharp reduction in heart attacks and cardiac deaths.


We always look for shortcuts! I guess this is true to everybody in every walk of life.  Why make it more difficult if there’s a shorter way to achieve the same goal.  BUT…life is not that simple especially when it comes to better health!

There has been no single study to date to prove otherwise…that exercise can do harm than good… from prevention studies to community data. But we all know it’s good to do it…we just refuse to indulge ourselves to it and instead look for a pill that can do the same job…which up to now remains a fantasy than a reality! 

Dont be fooled in believing that Supplements can do the Health Job for you!  Remember….

In Health…There Are No ShortCuts!

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