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More Sleep Time To Prevent Childhood Obesity

November 22, 2007

Go to fullsize imageChildhood Obesity is getting to be a huge problem not only in developed countries but worldwide!  The AACE Philippine Chapter in fact recently launched our Power of Prevention Program aimed at preventing Obesity among children where different school prinicpals and administrators were invited to the launching initially to involve Metro Manila school children. 

Now comes a remedy to wegiht gain among children that we can do at home!  A new interesting study was recenlty published in Pediatrics November 2007 issue , linking the lack of sleep or inadequate sleep among children and the risk of being overweight.


Of 785 children, 50% were male, 81% were white, and 18% were overweight in 6th grade.

  • Shorter sleep duration in 6th grade was independently associated with a greater likelihood of overweight in 6th grade.
  • Shorter sleep duration in 3rd grade was also independently associated with overweight in 6th grade, independent of the child’s weight status in 3rd grade.
  • Sleep problems were not associated with overweight.


So how many hours of sleep should our children have?  This study provided us some insights:

  • Sixth-graders with less than 8.5 hours of sleep a night had a 23 percent rate of obesity,
  • Well-rested peers with more than 9.25 hours of sleep had at 12 percent rate of obesity.

For me this study tells us one thing:

  • By putting your kids to sleep earlier… means less TV time…means less chances to munch on junk food…resulting in a lesser risk to gain weight!
  • Sleep is as important as healthy food and physical activity when it comes to Weight control.

Put Premium on Sleep Than Being Awake Especially For Our Children!


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