The Risk of Being ANGRY….

January 8, 2007

4030644144.jpgYou woke up early in the morning… ate your breakfast hoping for a nice day at work only to find out that nothing has been done right!  The sudden surge of cathecolamines causes the feeling of heat that eventually results into anger…  Now… hold on… calm down… and take a deep breath!  Because Anger can be bad for your health!

A recent webcast form the American Heart Association Scientific Session showed a study funded by the National Institute of Health that ” acute episodes of anger may cause potentially fatal heart rhythm disturbances.”

This study involved more than 30 medical centers around the United States and patients were asked about their lifestyle habits and medical histories.  These are patients who have implanted defibrillator and were then asked to record anytime they receive a shock and to record circumstances during that episode.

  • 3.2 times more likely for irregular heart rate if pt is moderately angry, as compared to periods of no anger
  • 16.7-fold increased risk of having the arryhthmia if participants were very angry and furious.

In conclusion, the authors have this to say….“Our results suggest that emotions, particularly anger, can trigger dangerous rhythm disturbances.”  And therefore can be fatal!

“Next time you are about to blow up… ask yourself this question … 

Is the Cause of Anger Worth The Risk?

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8 Responses to “The Risk of Being ANGRY….”

  1. none Says:

    nice topic doc! hope you wont easily upset/angry everytime i ask you something whenever i have my follow check up with you. sometimes i get a little bit scared 🙂

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    You have remained anonymous in all your comments but keep them coming…but mind you… and don’t worry …I never get angry with my patients. I believe that as patients…doctors are there to provide comfort. It’s probably my way of making one feel guilty for not following my instructions… that’s when I feel pretty disappointed. My thrust and my goal has always been…. to be the best doctor my patient will always have. My gauge of that is… if I have made my patient live his life to the fullest without suffering as a result of complications from his illness. For me… prolonging life is not enough but living a happy contented life free from disease and disability! If I have achieved that… then I am happy contented free willy having served my purpose in life…as a healer.

  3. none Says:

    Thanks doc! for making it clear. I will bear that in mind whenever i will have my next visit with you, now i feel at ease. 😀

  4. maxim Says:

    Yes, for a healthier life, it is really imperative to manage anger.

    Furthermore, I believe it is also a healthy thing to do to express what we truly feel.

  5. Doc Gerry Says:

    Agree Max… I get angry once in a while but I usually cut it short! Meaning… once you have expressed it out… then calm down and relax. It’s a way of expressing what is bothering oneself which if not expressed as anger… that makes up a state called ” stress”. So… be free to get angry but not from morning till night! It’s the way we mange our anger that will matter the most! Once you have expressed what you want then enjoy the rest of your day! Drink coffee…. or take a walk!

  6. wilson ng Says:

    Anger usually stems from frustration with life too.

    A person who is frustrated may have a shorter fuse. So I think sometimes you are more prune to anger unless you fix the various issues ( long term) that is nagging you…

  7. judy Says:

    is it true that a person who is very impulsive is a sign of manic depression? and how can we help the person to undergo medical treatment if he don’t recognize his temper? i hope doctor gerry tan can advice me regarding this matter because my children and I is suffering too much of my husband’s manic depression. thank you and more power!

  8. Doc Gerry Says:

    Manic depression or bipolar disorder can be tough to the family… pt can be euphoric now then becomes depressed later with flares lasting weeks to months that can really cause great disturbances to the lives of the love ones surrounding the person. But the person as you said wont recognize his illness so the family should encourage him to seek help. Psychotherapy and medications are available to control the persons symptoms and mood swings. Definitely those close to him can encourage him to seek help because his symptoms can improve significantly with proper treatment.

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