The Benefit of a Low Carb Diet

December 13, 2006

3015962829.jpgThe fight against obesity has been pretty discouraging as no magic pill has been discovered yet that will allow people to eat whatever we like and not gain weight.  It is now known that by losing weight, one reduces the risk of obesity related illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.  The fad of low carb diet has its followers since it can really make one lose weight albeit temporarily….but arguments against low carb diets include its recommendation to increase consumption of high protein sources to include animal products which unfortunately are high in fat.  So Where does Low Carb Diet stand in terms of Health issues?

One study and so far the first study to answer this question was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine (November 9 issue), that looked at the relationship between low carb diet and the risk of heart disease.  

The good news is …There is an association between low-carb diets and low heart disease risk!

  • The low risk is based on a high protein diet from vegetable sources and not animal products. 
  • The types and not the total amount of fat or carbohydrate have an appreciable relationship with risk of CHD.
  • Vegetable fat was associated a lower risk of risk of CHD, whereas higher dietary glycemic load typical of a high-carb diet–was strongly associated with increased heart disease risk.

The study further noted that… “when vegetable sources of fat and protein were chosen instead of animal sources, the low-carbohydrate-diet was associated with a 30% lower risk of CHD.”

So… remember… if you embrace the Low Carb Diet….

The quality of fat and carbohydrate is more important than quantity!

2 Responses to “The Benefit of a Low Carb Diet”

  1. ET Says:

    Hey man, how’s life!! Let’s go low carb!! It’s heart healthy as well!!

  2. Thank you for taking the effort to discuss this|Good message and great you talk about this|I was reading your message

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