Is There A Magic Pill To Stop Aging?

November 22, 2006

images1.jpgOne of the most popular specialties in medicine nowadays is cosmetic surgery.  It’s not the usual form of “advocacy” medicine because it has become a big and very competitive business.  You see ads on restorative surgery, liposuction, and face lifts…all in the name of beauty.  Everyone hates the wrinkles and abhors looking old!  But not all can afford the surgery …so here comes the business of antiaging pills!  But Do they work?

One supplement touted to have the antiaging property is DHEA.  Shop around the malls and you’ll see this product marketed to make you look young again!  The beauty of marketing is that it attracts people of all ages to believe in what they say and buy the products they advertise without checking the truth behind the claim!

The truth however now finally came out on DHEA published in the New England Journal of Medicine. My mentor at the Mayo Clinic… DR Nair studied 87 elderly men and 57 elderly women for 2 years… and his results dispelled the fallacy of this antiaging pill because in-spite of achieving a high normal level of DHEA in the blood, the pill had:

It is therefore unlikely that this pill will have any effect at all in preventing or stopping aging.  It should in fact be a regulated drug rather than sold as a supplement where anybody can just grab and take it with no apparent benefit!

Remember…anything that is marketed as a supplement should riase doubts in terms of its effectiveness.  DHEA is one example of a….

A True Quackery of this Magic Pill!

One Response to “Is There A Magic Pill To Stop Aging?”

  1. maxim Says:

    If there is a pill for immortality that would be sold as supplement in the malls, I am sure there would be a long queue too.

    There would always be scrupulous people who would prey on other people’s gullibility.

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