Healthy Food Tips For The Family

November 7, 2006

29874014331.jpgI came accross this simple regimen to our life long struggle to find better ways to serve best foods for the family.  “Struggles with food and obesity frequently start in childhood” and therefore addressing these early results in long term gains.

Here’s some pointers from the Johns Hopkins University Bayview Medical Center.

“Here are some ways you can help your child avoid a weight problem:

  • Never put your child on a low-calorie deprivation diet. You can lower dietary fat, but maintain calories by increasing the consumption of fruit, vegetables, cereals, and breads.
  • Children who eat full meals do better nutritionally than children who merely snack. Your child should come to the table hungry, learn how to control hunger, and wait for his meal to be served.
  • Remove snack temptations around the house.
  • Don’t use desserts and sweets as rewards.
  • Have family meals, and set a good example by eating a wide variety of foods.
  • Make mealtime pleasant. Don’t use this time for criticizing and scolding. ” 

Simple… Common sense… but take note of them for they may help you…

Build better and healthier families

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One Response to “Healthy Food Tips For The Family”

  1. maxim Says:

    hahaha, oftentimes, I am guilty of using desserts and candies for rewards for my parents.

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