Can I Eat Eggs Everyday? … Part 2

October 15, 2007

3557864019.jpgOne of the top posts of this website is about eggs.  It has really been a puzzle to the medical community as to how this seemingly affordable and easy available food can be so intriguing in terms of its good and bad effect on health.  Its really an option for anyone to take which sides you are depending on what study you read.

A recent publication from the Harvard Health Publications regarding the myths and facts on eggs is worth mentioning here for my readers to know my answer when they ask…Can I eat eggs everyday doc?


BOSTON, MA – Common misconceptions keep many people, especially those worried about heart disease, from eating eggs. The July issue of the Harvard Heart Letter unscrambles the dietary facts and myths about the egg.

Fact: Eggs are a good source of nutrients. One egg contains 6 grams of protein and some healthful unsaturated fats. Eggs are also a good source of choline, which has been linked with preserving memory, and lutein and zeaxanthin, which may protect against vision loss.

Fact: Eggs have a lot of cholesterol. The average large egg contains 212 milligrams of cholesterol. As foods go, that’s quite a bit, rivaled only by single servings of liver, shrimp, and duck meat.

Myth: All that cholesterol goes straight to your bloodstream and then into your arteries. Not so. For most people, only a small amount of the cholesterol in food passes into the blood. Saturated and trans fats have much bigger effects on blood cholesterol levels.

Myth: Eating eggs is bad for your heart. The only large study to look at the impact of egg consumption on heart disease—not on cholesterol levels or other intermediaries—found no connection between the two. In people with diabetes, though, egg-a-day eaters were a bit more likely to have developed heart disease than those who rarely ate eggs.

  • If you like eggs, eating one a day should be okay, especially if you cut back on saturated and trans fats.
  • Other ways to enjoy eggs without worrying about cholesterol include not eating the yolk, which contains all the cholesterol, or using pourable egg whites or yolk-free egg substitutes.


One major reason why we advocate a low cholesterol diet is that any diet that is high in cholesterol may downregulate LDL-receptor (Bad cholesterol) synthesis which are the receptors that degrade or breakdown the bad cholesterol in our body. This bad effect apparently becomes more pronounced if the diet is also high in saturated fat because it can interfere with receptor binding and removal of the bad cholesterol and therefore accumulates in our system!

Likewise… if you eat a high cholesterol food…it is almost always associated with a high saturated fat meal! If you love egg yolk then it means the meal may also have steak or fried pork and other oily foods in it! This spells DISASTER!

Almost always… it’s already a cliche: eat everything in moderation.  I will continue to advocate 2 x or less eggs per week for my patients until more solid evidence tells me otherwise. 

It’s a matter of choosing the right food for a healthy body.

27 Responses to “Can I Eat Eggs Everyday? … Part 2”

  1. maxim Says:

    Thanks for the info, especially on sorting out which is fact and which is myth doc.

    I decided not to inlclude egg already in my diet before, but the temptation of leche flan is too much.

  2. wilson ng Says:

    Oh, that means the normal serving in a restaurant breakfast is your allocation already for one week.

  3. justin Says:

    eating boiled eggs everyday is very healthy and they don’t have as much cholesterol as scrambled, fried, and other types of eggs and it keeps ladies beautiful

    • Dr King Says:

      the cholesterol is in the egg yolk so it doesn’t matter how you cook the egg if you are eating the egg yolk then you are eating cholesterol my friend.

      • monk Says:

        you can same the same about nutrients, but steaming it is healthier since it retains more nutrients. also eating an egg raw give your more cholesteral than cooked. meaning cooking it all the way cuts you back a few but not nearly enough.

  4. Daniel Says:

    I think eating egg does good to the body. it is a perfect substitute to meat for me. I think I like it

  5. Danny Says:

    At the time I started a diet 10 weeks ago I was 244 Lbs. Now I weight 214 Lbs.

    This diet is about eating 9 eggs per week (for men).
    Breakfast is about 1 – 2 Eggs fried using Pam only.
    2 slices of 40 Cal bread.
    1 Tbsp of I can’t believe it’s not butter!.
    8 Oz of Skim or 1 – 2% milk
    Shreded wheat cereal
    1 fruit
    1 coffee

    Eliminated all sugars, all cookies, etc (starch), sodas & juices.

    Unlimmited green vegetables and 1 Tomatoe.
    At least 3 fruits a day.
    2 8oz of red meat per week.
    Fish & Chicken ok.
    80 Oz of water a day.

    No ice cream, no chocolate, etc.

    Use of certain spices in moderation and only Morton Lite salt.
    My sugar levels are now about 89, my blood pressure went down big time, my triglicerides and cholesterol went down big time as well.
    I went from size 48 to size 42

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Danny…looks like a modified version of South Beach… please tell us your progress and how long you are able to eat the same calorie restircted food in the future.. short term results are promising often times but its the long term compliance to the diet that is always the problem

    • Erin E Says:

      I started a diet of only natural foods 4 months ago, due to having RA and gaining so much weight from steroids used to treat pain. My diet consists of 1-2 over-easy eggs and 2slices of a natural grain bread for breakfast. I have lost 28 lbs in 4 months. No chest pains yet, but I may start cutting the yolk out a few times a week.

      • Erin E Says:

        I forgot to mention that this is at times not the only option, but I do like it lots…sometimes 3-4 times a week. Other mornings I have sunbutter on toast, or an organic smoothie with bannanas and strawberries. Fruits and veggies fill the gap for everything. I did not go vegan, I still eat my meats. Your body needs fat to burn fat.

      • Doc Gerry Says:

        Thanks for the visit Erin

  6. Xango Says:

    I recently was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol levels and became a vegetarian to help improve my diet. Especially because I cannot tolerate the side effects of the cholesterol lowering medications. The only problem is that I developed fatigue from anemia. I find that eating egg-whites and doing some low-fat or non-fat dairy helps. What do you think doc? Good idea?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Xango… if you feel better with them go ahead no problem. Just take Vitamin B complex if you are a pure vegetarian as you may develop a deficiency for it long term.

  7. Olivia Says:

    To Xango:
    Tips from one anemic vegetarian to another:
    (my anemia is genetic and not related to my vegetarianism)
    1. You need an iron supplement – I’ve been on Ferro-sequels for 5 years now and I’ve found it to be the easiest iron supplement for your system to tolerate
    2. You’re right about the low/non-fat dairy.
    I hate most low fat yogurts because they’re sour and gross BUT Stonyfield Farm Organic Lowfat Vanilla yogurt is great. And FAGE 0% greek yogurt is amazing.
    3. Make Quinoa your new best friend. It could possibly be the healthiest food you can eat – 8 essential amino acids, protein, iron, the list goes on

  8. Linda Owens Says:

    I am eating nothing but low fat yogurt everyday. Is this harmful in any way? I just do not want to east anything else

  9. I found your blog on Google. Ive bookmarked it and will watch out for your next blog post. 🙂

  10. Iraas Says:

    I am 30 yrs old. Practically if I have egg in my daily meal or in breakfast, I am not feeling much tired physically.Can I eat eggs every day?

    • Zazzy Says:

      i eat egg everyday.. boiled egg w/ rice for breakfast.. my version of ‘eating like a king’ in da morning.. healthy pa rin dba..

  11. DOC faiz Says:

    no need to care what u eat…just one thing u need to to is EXERCISE!!!

  12. jignesh Says:

    my wt is 70 kg n 5 feet 8 inch height, m pure vegetarian i want to keep myself fit i workout almost daily for one hour, i want to make my body muscular(moderate muscular), what should be my diet. my diet rt now not definite so i want u to help to decide my diet if u can help me

  13. why do you have to hate on yolk?

  14. Stuey Ashton Says:

    I still ain’t found an answer to my question. “is it harmfull to eat only Eggs and bread and nothing else?” i have a major problem with eating other foodstuffs, so i want to know if i am causing myself any damage (not just cholesterol)

  15. i like to eat egg everyday but i am suffering from Hypertension

  16. Just HJ Says:

    I am 84 years old! I retired honorably from the US Air Force in 1967. On e day I was startled; my overweight six foot body weighed in at a sloppy 278 pounds! Decision time, I knew. I thought hard and finally decided to start eating two-fried-eggs on toasted white bread everyday at about noon. Eggs are what I LOVE BEST I go to bed at about midnight and usually sleep in ’til about 8:00-10:00 a.m.,I never-ever cared for fatty foods including steak and pork chips, etc. Lucky me. I now have one or two cups of coffee with a few saccharin tablets upon rising and during the rest of the day I eat my first double egg sandwich, brunch, at about noon!. My main meal is around 7-8 p.m which consists of a small prepared meal that almost always consists of mixed veggies or broccoli or a cheap TV dinner and a cup of Top Ramen or chicken noodle soup. I quit sweets altogether. No ice cream; fruit, a few times a week or more. I feel GREAT and my doctor confirms it. I shoot a round of golf in the vicinity of about 82. Although I no longer can jump tall buildings in a single bound anymore I don’t need Viagra, either tip the scales at only 223 pounds! About 215 to 220 makes me a very happy camper. C’mon and join me. HJ.

  17. Ariel Says:

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