The Food Diary: How It Can Help One Lose Weigth

January 14, 2007

4204617119.jpgObesity and overweight are becoming prevalent and more complicated. To be overweight gets you more complications of developing other illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.  You’ve seen friends losing weight but then gain back their lost weight because of fad diets which really don’t work.  The basic requirement of maintaining ones weight is determination and discipline in changing ones lifestyle. 

While reading a post on How To Lose Weight, the article points out that just being conscious of what you eat helps.  And basically this is the purpose why we ask for a food diary on any patient who asks for obesity management.  By being more aware of what you eat … you end up avoiding habits that make you unconsciously eat when in fact you’re no longer hungry.  Likewise the diary helps you analyze later on the day… which servings were more than they should be with plenty of calories that you can avoid later on.

Basic Rules To Remember:

Write Everything You Eat:
From a simple gum, to a can of juice to a big piece of pie.  Write everything you eat everytime you nibble and don’t forget to bring your diary anywhere you go.

Be Specific:
Include the extra cup of added sauce when you ate steak… or the 4 french fries you ate while watching TV or the pack of popcorn while watching the movie.

Write The Amount To The Detail:
¼ cup of rice or 1 palm size of meat or a tablespoon of sugar to the exact number of chips

Again it’s not difficult…it’s a matter of doing it. The attitude should NOT be… I can’t lose weight because…BUT rather … I need to lose weight…and therefore how can  I lose weight! 

The Food Diary… Practical, Simple and Easy! Try  Doing It!

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2 Responses to “The Food Diary: How It Can Help One Lose Weigth”

  1. Rizza Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry!

    I am starting to get the hang writing down everything I eat on my food diary, as you required me to do after my first session with you. The food diary really helps me become more conscious of what I eat every day.

    I even found a great website where you could have a FREE online diary: This website helps computes for you the number of calories that you eat every day based on your inputs as well as analyzing where your calories come from. The site even gives you comprehensive reports and analyses about your food intake and nutrition that you wouldn’t normally bother to compute yourself.

    I have since lost about 5 pounds just by being concious about what I eat and I don’t even feel deprived! This is so far the best tool that I have ever encountered that is safe, simple to use and more importantly, has long term results.

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    That’s great Rizza…am glad you’re sharing your experience to all the readers. Likewise thanks for the website info. Please do keep us updated of your progress okay?

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