Your Faith Can Hasten Your Recovery

September 23, 2006

2012785724.jpgI always tell my patients who have chronic illnesses to look at their illness as a challenge to live and not as a threat to life.

I draw my inspiration to one patient of mine who is a diabetic who suffered from a lung cancer.  She was given 6 months to live by her pulmonologist here in Cebu.  But her faith to live and her trust in God made her through her disease.  She looked at chemotherapy as a way to kill the bad elements in her body, as a result she is excited to go and have chemotherapy sessions because she really wants to live longer.  She just asked God for strength. And her approach to her illness really made a difference and now 10 years after… she still visits me regularly!

And now comes this new research published in NIH website done on 300 subjects from the University of Washington presented in the Annual convention of the American Psychological Association that proved the concept of faith in overcoming an illness is true and can really help people recover from major illnesses including major surgery like a heart bypass.  

It was shown that “positive religious beliefs and resources gave people a sense of hope and social support.”However, faith struggles, religious doubt and resentment against God and other bad stressful thoughts — may hinder recovery. 

One very important note to remember in the study is that the perceived social support and the feeling of more hope for recovery due to their spiritual beliefs resulted in less post-op depression and anxiety.

So don’t lose hope even if you are told of the impossibility because… I strongly believe that having a positive outlook due to your beliefs and your hope to recover  can boost your immune system and your body’s will to fight the disease!

Ones Faith Indeed Can Move Mountains!

One Response to “Your Faith Can Hasten Your Recovery”

  1. maxim Says:

    True, faith is one potent pill that we cannot just take for granted.

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