Tips To Protect Yourself From CANCER

September 5, 2006

2242426591.jpgProtecting oneself from developing cancer is not a difficult task to do..but actually consist of simple measures that require precaution! Guidelines are provided by the American Cancer Society which are well thought of and very simple… but in general it’s really up to us to know them well and to follow the rules. 

Here are some Tips that I recommend to every patient of mine based on years of accumulated evidence proven to reduce ones risk to develop cancer:

1.Smoking is the single most preventable cause of death! Even with this data, you can still see smokers in our midst. Common sense tells us: Quit Smoking!

2. About 500,000 deaths from cancer is due to poor nutrition, inactivity and obesity! Excess calories have been shown to cause mutations of genes that lead to cancer of the colon and prostate. Common sense tells us: Be Fit and Move!

3. Screening for these cancers are routinely done if asked for. The earlier majority of the cancers are caught the more likely they are treatable! Common sense tells us: Have a routine examination yearly.

4. Routine examination of ones body for growing moles or lumps in the breast should prompt one to seek medical attention. Melanoma for example can be diagnosed early by routine body check. Common sense tells us: 15 minutes of sun exposure is needed to increase vitamin D level in the blood but expose yourself to the sun during the safest hours…before 10 AM or after 4 PM!

5. Eat healthy with plenty of fruits and vegetables: One study in Scotland showed a 40% reduction in risk of developing cancer. Simple guideline is 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

6. Get enough sleep and rest! A Stanford University study showed a good sleep pattern can reduce the risk to develop cancer. 

They are not difficult tasks to do but again people are just refusing to follow the simple rules of preventive medicine.  We may not be able to prevent cancer but we can really reduce our risk from getting them by doing the right thing with the right attitude!

Prevention Is Still Better Than Cure!

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