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Red Meat and Disease

September 12, 2012

The benefits of eating vegetables are certain. The Risk of developing a disease with red meat intake is also certain.  Now comes a study showing that by merely cutting your intake of red meat by half, will also result in fewer cases of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

In this study done in Cambridge, by cutting your intake of a burger by 1/2 in terms of amount, you cut your risk of developing bowel cancer and diabetes by 12%…

In an earlier study also in BMJ… by consuming red meat less than 42 gm/day…equivalent to a size of a small burger…one is able to cut the risk of death by 9%!!!

The study merely emphasizes… be particular with amount… lean meat will continue to be an important source of protein.

Portion sizes of veggies, meat and carbohydrates with fruit in a plate should continue to be the mainstay of what is nutritious, healthy and fun in eating….