Coffee is GOOD for the HEART

August 27, 2010

Go to fullsize imageAnother good news for us coffee lovers. 

Coffee has been shown to have good effects on the vessels and has been shown to improve the vessels capacity to dilate.  This finding is another plus factor for us drinkers of coffee because it helps reduce the stress of the heart in pushing blood out of the vessels. 

And this plus effect is on top of previous studies showing coffee to be protective against developing diabetes.

The study will be presented during the European Society of Cardiology meeting as an abstract.  The abstract was discussed online in MedPage today.


One to two cups a day correlated with greater aortic distensibility compared with rarely consuming coffee (P=0.45) in a cohort of men and women 65 and older on the Greek island of Ikaria

Likewise, Chrysohoou and colleagues found that, compared with rarely drinking coffee, moderate consumption of one or two cups a day was associated with:

  • Lower prevalence of diabetes (22% versus 34%, P=0.02)
  • Lower prevalence of high cholesterol (41% versus 55%, P=0.001)
  • Lower body mass index (28 versus 29 kg/m2, P=0.04)
  • Higher creatinine clearance levels (70.2 versus 65 mL/min, P=0.01)
  • Lower prevalence of cardiovascular disease (19% versus 26%, P=0.04)
  • Higher values of aortic distensibility (P<0.05)


The coffee blend that was used according to the authors were of the traditional Greek blends, which apprently have higher levels of phenol compounds thought to be protective for the heart than coffee typically consumed in the U.S.

This study tells us to drink coffee in moderation and advises us to drink only 1-2 cups per day.

There you go guys…another toast to more days of fun with coffee……

7 Responses to “Coffee is GOOD for the HEART”

  1. judith amores Says:

    it said that the study tells us to drink coffee in moderation and advises us 1-2 cups per day. is 3-4 still fine?

  2. Bruised Leaf Says:

    Hi Doc. This study that says it’s healthy to consume coffee in moderation – it refers to black coffee lang po ba? I don’t think the study can make the same recommendation on fat-laden mocha frappes or other rich coffee blends.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Agree Bruised leaf…hirap naman ng pangalan mo. Be creful with the calorie ladened frappes. Theyre unhealthy!

      • Bruised Leaf Says:

        I do wonder about something, Doc. Since they found out in scientific research a few years ago that coffee is actually good for health, that it’s rich in antioxidants, it has never been clarified as to whether the antioxidant content is the same whether one is drinking regular coffee or decaf. In berries, antioxidant level/content is usually easy to tell by how dark their pigments are. Is decaf just as rich in antioxidants as regular coffee?

  3. XE7 Says:

    Interesting that the Greek blends were heart-healthier!

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