The Many Lessons I Learned in London

January 29, 2009

The experience I had travelling to London is a memorable one. I attended a postgraduate course in Endocrinology sponsored by the Royal College of Physicians and the trip was both culturally and educationally enriching.

After this trip, London is now among my top 5 must visits places in the world.  Not only is the place rich in culture ( watched Les Miserables in Queens Theatre in West End: marvelous experience), history (from Darwin to the Queen) and beautiful landmarks ( The Big Ben, The Palaces and the Eye) but also the warm hospitality that one can feel dealing with the British citizens.  One is warmly welcomed by the time one reaches the airport to the hotel staff to the cab drivers, waiters and store keepers.  You dont see homeless loitering around your path and was it safe to walk  around the Central London without fear of being mugged or robbed.

I was able to reunite with old  friends now staying in London and unfortunately some may have made it well but a lot of our OFWs are actually languishing in debt.  It makes one feel so vulnerable in a foreign land especially in times of economic crisis where London is the hardest hit among Europe’s developed countries.

The good news also is that our Filipino nurses occupy around 60% of the workforce in London’s major government hospital.  Interesting to note is that nurses are now handling endoscopy procedures as well as laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedures which is probably not going to happen in our country.  This is one thing unique in the British Health Care system.

Overall… this trip has been one welcome respite from the busy days in Cebu and what a great experience it has been.  I will definitely go back to London and this is one place that I will probably learn more things the more times I go back!

4 Responses to “The Many Lessons I Learned in London”

  1. dudeguy Says:

    It’s ok to have a comment.

  2. wilson ng Says:

    I think you just missed the snowstorm!

  3. Marylada Says:

    You have shed a ray of susnhnie into the forum. Thanks!

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