We All Deserve A BREAK!!!!

September 18, 2008

I just came back from a very relaxing Mediterranean Cruise with my wife. It was a well deserved break for both of us and boy do I recommend everyone who has a chance to get a cruise for vacation.

Taking a break gives you a better outlook in life… a better understanding of the need to enjoy while we are still alive! We all deserve to relax and enjoy and have a break in between the hard work.  I hate those trips where you need to take a break after your vacation because you were so exhausted with the vacation you had!!!  Cant see the logic there.

The cruise took us to Barcelona then to Malta then to Naples where we had a chance to visit Pompei, Capri and Sorrento.  Then we proceeded to Rome then to Florence then finally to Nice where we had a visit to Monacco.  What made the trip so fun is the fact that one does not need to pack and unpack everytime you visit a place.  You can relax and enjoy the facilities especially the gym of the ship at your own convenient time.

The downside however for me is the FOOD!  It was just everywhere and anytime plus it was always a Buffet from breakfast to lunch to dinner!  It was not a happpy site for me to see people gorging for food even if they dont need to.  A sad fact of life!

We need a Break BUT be sure you do it to maintain your health both “emotional” and physical Health!  If you neglect the right way to proper nutrition then you are doing harm even for the duration of the trip and for me it is no excuse!

This is our third cruise together and I will continue to endorse a Cruise as the right way to enjoy a vacation where you can have both fun and relsxation at their peak! But enjoy it the right way!

Take a Break for Health But Dont Break It By Indulging the Unhealthy Way!

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