A Very Successful AACE Convention in Cebu!!!!

August 19, 2008

Go to fullsize imageAs host to the recent Annual Convention of Clinical Endocrinologist- Philippine Chapter, it was really a very rewarding and a learning experience for me as all the efforts were visibly rewarded by the number of delegates we had: a total of 575 doctors and the great feedback we received from excellent to fulfilling!!!

The doctors really enjoyed the sessions as topics were carefully selected including our speakers with a total of 9 foreign speakers.  This included my mentor from the Mayo Clinic DR Hossein Gharib who is presently the President of the American College of Endocrinology, as our keynote lecturer. 

The society headed by our energetic president Dr George Tan made sure that the venue to the session hall to the details of the exhibit were all planned out!

So guys… this is the reason why Ive been out of new posts for the past few days… Bear with me as I will be updating this site again on a regular basis. 

Only two reasons for not coming out with regular posts: am out of the country attending a convention OR am busy preparing for a talk or a covention like this one held last August 14 to 18 in Mactan Shangrila.

Will be posting photos for everyone to see soon…

Again thanks to all our friends on the pharmaceutical who were so busy transporting doctors in and out of the venue.  And to the MRC and PCOC guys who made the event very succesfull and kudos to my good friend Ike Amor whose expertise in video clips and presentations made the event at par with foreign conventions…

Cheers to AACE: It was a Team Effort At Its BEST!

2 Responses to “A Very Successful AACE Convention in Cebu!!!!”

  1. maxim Says:


    Congratulations… you made it again with excellent results!

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thnaks Max… as always happy its over and done.

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