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Sleep and High Blood Pressure… Check Your Kids!

August 27, 2008

Go to fullsize imageI just came across a new study that showed poor sleep is affecting a lot of our teens these days.  Its either they have problems falling asleep or problems waking up early or just plain LACK of Sleep for whatever reason.  This study involved around 200 adolescents between ages 13-16 was recently published in the Journal Circulation August issue and is really an eye opener for parents with kids… by making sure that their kids follow a sleep habit that is healthy.


Odds of prehypertension associated with sleep disturbances

Sleep problem Unadjusted OR (95% CI) p Adjusted OR p
Low sleep efficiency (<85%) 4.52 (2.11-9.70) 0.0001 3.50 0.0028
Short sleep (<6 h) 2.79 (1.07-7.34) 0.0366 2.54 0.0679


The kids with sleep inefficiency meaning they have trouble falling asleep or wake early and those with poor sleep (6.5 hours or less) had systolic blood-pressure levels that were higher than their peers on average 4 mm Hg.  This problem of hypertension may result in long lasting complications and development of end organ damage involving the heart, kidneys and eyes among our kids at an early age.  Fortunately this is one risk of hypertension that is MODIFIABLE.

What then can be modified to afford better sleep habit among our teens? 

I have three Simple recommendations:

  • Limit Home Internet Use.  Only for school work and no to games during school days!  Overexcitement results in being hyperactive due to adrenaline rush and this limits sleep quality.
  • A Good Study Habit to avoid cramming.  This should have been trained as early as preschool!
  • Limit soda or other drinks rich in caffeine especially during dinner time

A Better Adjusted Kid Is A Healthy Kid!