Metformin for Pregnant Diabetics?

June 9, 2008

Go to fullsize imageYes we can!!!!

A recent published study: The MiG trail or the Metformin for Gestational Diabetes in the New England Journal of Medicine, May 2008 provide us more proofs that the use of metformin is not only preferred by pregnant dabetics BUT likewise is not associated with perinatal complications.



Of the 363 women assigned to metformin, 92.6% continued to receive metformin until delivery and 46.3% received supplemental insulin.

The rate of the primary composite outcome was 32.0% in the group assigned to metformin and 32.2% in the insulin group (relative risk, 1.00; 95% confidence interval, 0.90 to 1.10).

More women in the metformin group than in the insulin group stated that they would choose to receive their assigned treatment again (76.6% vs. 27.2%, P<0.001). The rates of other secondary outcomes did not differ significantly between the groups.

There were no serious adverse events associated with the use of metformin.


In women with gestational diabetes mellitus, metformin (alone or with supplemental insulin) is not associated with increased perinatal complications as compared with insulin. The women preferred metformin to insulin treatment.


This is one randomized trial that we have been waiting for.  Now as an endocrinologist, I have more arms to support the use of this medication for my pregnant women diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  The more options a patient have , the better!  Controlling their blood glucoses while pregnant is important!  It is our aim to hopefully prevent them from becoming diabetics after the delivery by lessening the burden of the pancreas brought about by the hormonal changes of pregnancy.

It is therefore very important that for all women to know that if they have risk factors for diabetes including obesity and a strong family history of diabetes…that they make sure to ask their obstetricians that they be screened for gestational diabetes.  This is one case where the early diagnosis is paramount to early treatment… the better for the health of the pancreas.

This is indeed good news to our women who have fear for needles because now we have a safe and effective alternative to insulin.

Another Welcome Option To The Medical World!


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