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Is Working Overtime Harmful?

June 21, 2008

Here’s a study for all workaholics and overtime workers. It may be the time to reflect… and ask… if we can only manage our time better and try to avoid long night hours at work…so much the better. One has to realize and believe that having the time to take care of ones health is an obligation and a GIVEN!

This study looked at whether working overtime can have harmful effects on the body especially the psychological well being. This study was recently published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.


Objective: To examine whether long work hours are associated with increased levels and prevalences of anxiety and depression.

Results: Overtime workers of both genders had significantly higher anxiety and depression levels and higher prevalences of anxiety and depressive disorders compared with those working normal hours. Findings suggest a dose-response relationship between work hours and anxiety or depression.


So to the boses and managers out there…your employees well being is tantamount to more productivity and better work outcome. Take time to analyze each workload and better still instill the discipline of not working long hours because in the long run, health takes its toll and work output suffers in the end…physically and psychologically,

Again… I practice this principle at work. I make sure I dont work long hours as I instill on my patients the discipline of setting an appointment. Have time to relax and exercise. Burning out is the layman’s term to being depressed and losing steam at work. Avoid this from happening otherwise Work becomes a Burden!

Overtime Can Hinder Productivity! Learn To Manage Your Time!