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An Aspirin A Day Can Keep BP At Bay…

June 24, 2008

Aspirin has been touted a miracle drug because of its health benefits in protecting high risk patients like our diabetics from heart attack and stroke. The combination of illnesses including diabetes , hypertension and cholesterol increases a patients risk for stroke and heart attack.

In the recent American Society of Hypertension Annual Convention, a particular study was presented regarding the effect of aspirin on hypertension. The study is discussed in detail at the Diabetes in Control website...


The subjects were randomized into three groups: lifestyle modification only, lifestyle modification plus aspirin 100 mg every morning, or lifestyle modification and aspirin 100 mg taken at bedtime. They underwent continuous blood pressure monitoring for 48 hours at baseline and after 3 months of intervention.

Ambulatory blood pressure was unchanged in the nonpharmacologic group and in the morning aspirin group, but the nighttime aspirin administration resulted in a mean decrease of 5.4 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure and 3.4 mm Hg in diastolic blood pressure compared to baseline values, without any change in heart rate or physical activity. Reductions in blood pressure were similar for both day and night.


This study will somehow affect the way we give aspirin. In clinical practice, it really doesnt matter when aspirin is taken as long as patients are taking it eveyday. But with this recent outcome…might as well give them at night until this study will be proven otherwise….

And as always…we continue to emphasize a low salt diet and more physical activity on top of medications to help curb the rising prevalence of complications arising from hypertension.

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