Red Meat and Fried Foods Linked To Disease….

January 28, 2008

Go to fullsize imageWe have known this association of westernized diet ( read meat, fried foods and refined sugar) and the development of chronic disease all along but this new study published in Circulation this year 2008.  confirmed this even more! This study included the dietary intake using prospective data from 9514 participants (age, 45 to 64 years) enrolled in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study.

Metabolic Syndrome is the combination of 4 major diseases in one: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Obesity. The clinical implication of having the four diseases is the associated increased risk of heart disease and stroke.



  • Analysis of individual food groups revealed that meat, fried foods , and diet soda also were adversely associated with incident MetSyn.
  • Dairy consumption was beneficial.
  • No associations were observed between incident MetSyn and a prudent dietary pattern or intakes of whole grains, refined grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts, coffee, or sweetened beverages.

Conclusions—These prospective findings suggest that consumption of a Western dietary pattern, meat, and fried foods promotes the incidence of MetSyn, whereas dairy consumption provides some protection. The diet soda association was not hypothesized and deserves further study.


The above findings suggest only 1 thing:  Be careful with what you eat because what you take in predicts the product and outcome in terms of health or disease!

Red Meat should be taken the least and White meat the most! Diet Soda may make one less guilty to eat steak and I believe that is where the association lies between drinking this no calorie drink and the development of the disease.  In contrast, drinking diary product does not entice one to eat more fried foods and therefore it’s a healthier choice!

It’s a choice of what is good versus badwhat is healthy versus not and what you want versus what you need!

One Response to “Red Meat and Fried Foods Linked To Disease….”

  1. David Kenon Says:

    Just watch Super Size Me movie and that’s the typical western diet! and it can really KILL!

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