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The Sun May Protect You Against Heart Disease

January 14, 2008

Recent findings of Vitamin D deficiency as another risk factor for high blood pressure and heart disease made me realized that we always take for granted the beneficial effects of the sun.

The findings published in Circulation. January 2008 is the first to show prospectively the relationship between Vitamin D and the Heart:


Hazard ratio for heart disease according to level of 25-OH D

Level of 25-OH D
Hazard ratio (95% CI)
1015 ng/mL
1.53 (1.00-2.36)
<10 ng/mL
1.80 (1.05-3.08)


The above findings suggest the Vitamin D Deficiency may increase your risk by more than 50% to develop heart disease.  Likewise it may also be an important risk for factor for the development of Hypertension.

It is estimated that approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of middle aged men and women are VitD deficient owing to lack of exposure to the sun.  The sun rays are important for the formation and activation of Vitamin D in the skin.  So hiding ourselves from the sun because of heat will increase our risk to develop Vitamin D Deficiency.

Vitamin D is also important for muskuloskeletal strength and in fact deficiency of Vitamin D may be responsible for a lot of muscle weakness noted in a population.

So how much sun exposure do I recommend?

Just like anything…do it in moderation…meaning not sunbathing but exposing your face, arms and legs to the morning sun at least 15 minutes per day should be sufficient. 

You can also check your Vitamin D level which can be done locally in your lab.

Enjoy the Health benefits of the SUN!