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Health Tips To A Successful Retirement

January 24, 2008

I recently read a nice article on tips to a successful retirement in the Wall Street Journal which made a lot of sense to me.  We know of retirement as one event in our lives where for once…we can now have all the time for ourselves…BUT are we prepared enough both emotionally, physically and health wise before we plunge into it?

The bottom line in retiring is to plan this stage in life ahead of time.  It is suggessted that start planning about retirement at least 5 years before you quit the work force.

The research is clear: “People who dont have a purpose in life, dont live long.” So if you retire and then do nothing except golfing, going to the beach…these will not last long before BOREDOM sets in because of not being productive….then Depression!  So plan on doing voluntering work and anything that is intellectually stimulating can make you stay sharp!

Staying Healthy is the most important factor to a successful retirement.  Statistics have shown that in US alone: half of the 60 year old will live up to age 85.  It is for this reason that saving money prior to retirement is also key to enjoy the benefits of all the hard work.  BUT always Remember… being healthy is also KEY! Why? because….a healthy lifestyle and good health can keep your medical costs down.

So if you plan to retire early and enjoy the benefits of retirement … then make sure you keep wellness ahead of everything else in life.   If you are saving enough to spend…make sure you spend them on luxuries you want to enjoy and not the frequent visits to doctors and pharmacies for your medications due to neglect of health!  Again It is thru Health where you enjoy your wealth!

 In summary, quoting Hartford’s Ms Mohyde in the article:

“Wellness in retirement maybe one fo the Best Financial Strategies”