Smoking and Impotence: A Deadly Combination

January 2, 2008

IGo to fullsize imaget is very difficult to stop an addiction.  Smoking is one problem that we almost always encounter among our male patients who come in with Diabetes.  Seldom do many realize that smoking in itself doubles or triples the harm that high blood sugar entails among our diabetic patients.

But one complication that many dont realize is that smoking contributes to the increasing risk of impotence. 

A survey published in the American Journal of Epidimeology showed that the risk to develop impotence among smokers is 42% higher compared to non smokers!!!!   If this vice is coupled with alcohol consumption and obesity then the risk of erectile dysfunction substantially increases further!

So to all smokers out there… you may just ward off the effects of smoking on the heart, and the lungs but to be impotent is a DISASTER!!!!!

This New Year’s: Resolve To Stop Smoking For Health and Wellness!

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