Intensive Blood Sugar Control Can Reduce Risk of DEATH

December 20, 2007

Go to fullsize imageFor my diabetic patients, it is very important that they understand that the reason for controlling their blood sugar is… to reduce the risk for complications like heart disease and stroke.

Now comes a new study that proves…tight control of blood sugar can indeed lower the risk of a patient to die from the disease…. published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 2007


The study concluded:

Normal mortality was attained in the elderly under intensive mutifactorial diabetes control ( Including control for BP and cholesterol)

Renal dysfunction, prior stroke, high LDL-cholesterol, and prior obesity were prominent risks for mortality, macroangiopathy and/or ESRD.


For me the bottom line in addressing any disease is based on two key  things:

  1. Discipline to live a healthy lifestyle! Remember…to live longer does not mean controlling blood sugar alone because if you continue to gain weight with high blood pressure and high BAD cholesterol due to poor choices of food then the end result is still early mortality due to complications!
  2. Follow Your doctor’s advise!.But choose the right doctor for your specific disease to get the best solution to your problem because just like any job we want done… you find for the best person to do the job RIGHT! and not just to finish the job!…

In the end of the day… everything boils down to one conlcusion….

To Live LOnger Requires Discipline!

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