I Am Taking A Break….

November 4, 2007

I will be one of the 12 to 15 doctors worldwide invited to attend a 7 day preceptorial study at the University of San Francisco- Stanford University Program in Endocrinology courtesy of INNOVARA, USA starting today till November 10.

This is one opportunity that I will never miss as this is already my third invitation from them after the same study program done at Massachussetts General Hospital- Harvard Univiersity Program in 2004 and the Johns Hopkins University Program in 2005.

Having been trained at the Mayo Clinic for my endocrinology fellowship has been a big advantage in having the confidence to meet and discuss interesting cases with professors in these prestigious institutions.

Not only is the experience rewarding but likewise a memory to behold. Interacting with professors in your field of work and sharing knowledge with fellow endocrinologists from different parts of the world is all worth the time off form my practice and my family!

The camaraderie and the social bonding that develop with fellow doctors and professors is what counts most as we share our calling cards and ideas in the small classroom! You get to know each one of them as we share the same hotel, the same lunch and dinner area and the same classroom throughout the week.

I will still try to update my website if I can but my apologies for the coming week if I will be too tired learning and enjoying at the same time….

One Response to “I Am Taking A Break….”

  1. maxim Says:

    Have a very productive time with the world’s best in endocrinology Doctor!

    Learning is a never ending process, and to be truly involve in it is our prime obligation as professionals, whether we may be a doctor, a scientist, a salesman, a professor, a baker or a policeman.

    The Philippine medical community must be very proud to have a practicing endo who is truly a great learner!

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