The Success Story of Hard Work…

August 13, 2007

p8101997.jpgThe AACE – Philippine Chapter annual convention came to a close yesterday.  It was and will be a great learning experience for me as a member of the organizing committee and in charge of inviting the foreign speakers.  The members really did a good job and simply put…it was hard work that was actually full of fun. 

I guess the looks and the comments of the attendees and from our friends in pharmaceutical industry were more than enough for us to now start thinking how we can do much better next year!

c305scd1.jpgMy other assignment was to make sure my “sons” ( invited foreign speakers in photo) were all well fed and literally well!  Lucky me, they were so impressed with our program, the venue and the orgnization as a whole.  Dr Gharib who is currently the President Elect of the American College of Endocrinology and my mentor will write about us in The Messenger which is a publication of the AACE – US for all members all over the world to know what transpired and how the meeting met all the mother society’s vision of advocacy and education.

We spent sleepless nights but were all worth it.  Our togetherness the-friends.jpgand comarderie even strenghened…more so, as our expected attendance ballooned from an expected 120 doctors to more than 400!!!!  We were just literally overwhelmed!  Dr Steven Petak ( in photo) who is the Past President of the AACE even announced that our meeting should be made a model for the rest of the world to pattern and in fact said in his talk… that he is learning from us and will suggest some changes to be made by the US AACE meetings to pattern after AACE Philippines! What a complement!

All in all…it was FUN, Factual and Fulfilling!  Will I do it Again?  YES! Not only did I learn a lot about friendship with my colleagues and our pharmaceuticual friends, but also the great learning from all the great talks we heard during the convention are good reasons for me to do it again! Dr Litonjua who is the founding mentor and adviser and President Emeritus of the organization wants us to do it again in Cebu!

Overall…our petite President DR George Tan did a fantastic job! He endured the most of the pains and challenges along the way but they made him stronger in the end and the fruits of his labor bore fruit…and it was a great success!

So to all those who made the affair a success… Thank You!

See You All Again in Cebu Next Year!

14 Responses to “The Success Story of Hard Work…”

  1. Dr Jane Says:

    Dear Dr Tan,
    Congratulations on a successful meeting. My colleagues really enjoyed the meeting and we learned a lot. I am happy to know that we will see you next year. Please include more diabetes lectures because that is what we see in our practice. Expect more of us to join the meeting next year!

    More power to the group.

  2. Belinda T. Pilbeam Says:

    So nice to hear the convention you helped organise was a success. I am so proud of you Bro. Job well done. More power to the future !!!

  3. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thnaks Jane…will update you in this website re some info for next years program. Will note your recommnedation.

    Thnaks sis … it was really a great feeling to have been part of the successful meeting!

  4. jim Says:

    Doc Gerry,
    First time I visited your website and I am impressed! I am so glad the meeting went exceptionally well. All my friends say the topics were great (that’s what friends are for). I hope more people can experience the meeting next year!

  5. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Jimmy… I miss the company of friends na nga. Am really happy to be part of the group and I really look forward to working with friends like you who work really hard. More to come and better meetings to come.

  6. Dr Hossein Gharib Says:

    Dear Gerry,

    It was great seeing you in Cebu and at the “Shang” last week. Please accept my deep and heartfelt thanks for the invitation, hospitality, and your generous gifts.

    Thanks to you and your AACE colleagues, the meeting was very successful. The science and social aspects were both outstanding.

    I very much appreciated your personal attention, and enjoyed our day together touring Cebu. Congratulations to you for your accomplishments and for being loved and admired by your colleagues. I am proud of you!

    With very best wishes and warmest regards.

    Hossein Gharib, MD, MACP, MACE
    Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
    President Elect, American College of Endocrinology
    Past President, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
    (507) 284-9576, phone
    (507) 284-5745, fax

  7. Doc Gerry Says:

    Coming from the President Elect of the American College of Endocrinology and as my mentor at Mayo… I am very proud! and happy to say the least.

  8. maxim Says:

    Congrats doc for a successful meeting!

    You did it differently and you set a new gold standard of how conventions should be done.

  9. Doc Gerry Says:

    That’s a nice complement Max. We could have not done it that well without our friends help.

  10. joey Says:

    doc gerry, wow puro compliments! Puro photogenic pa ang lahat ng officers hehe. Wala pang photoshop yun ha?. Congratutlations to you and all! Nice job. More pictures ill send siguro nasa DVD na since the file is too large for email. More than 1 GIG

  11. Doc Gerry Says:

    Kaya for next year…todo todo na tayong mag prepare… Great pix Joey. D rin cguro kaya ng Flicker sa laki ng gigs. Mas k if you can pit it all sa flicker for us to review them anytime. It was a team effort and was so successful considering we prepared all the program in so short a time. Next year kailangan may flyers na tayo 1 month before the event. Agree pare… one highlight of the event ang gagwapo ng mga officers hahaha

  12. Tata Mieto Says:

    Hi Dr. Gerry,

    It was indeed a great scientific meeting with well-balanced topics and what can I say about the speakers — WOW!!! It was already an international convention if we talk about standards. It was also a little bit “bitin”… If I were one of the MD delegates, I would have clamoured for – MORE!, MORE!, MORE!…

    Talking about “bitin”, I would respectfully suggest that the delegates may be given more time also to enjoy Mactan Shangri-La, and maybe a local CEBU tour if time would still permit…

    Also, I’m confident that next year, we can already invite MD delegates from our neighbors in the Asia-Pacific Region.

    My congratulations, and my personal “SALUTE” to the success of your convention.


  13. Tata Mieto Says:

    Hi Dr. Gerry,

    Sorry, may pahabol pa… I forgot to mention, I think we need a bigger venue for the fellowhip night c”,)


  14. Doc Gerry Says:

    Okay Ta, noted and will discuss your suggestions during our meeting this Sunday. Thanks for your comments. And thanks for all the support…definitely… you’re the team to beat… great leadership and people running the organization.

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