To Help Teach and Spread Knowledge…

August 8, 2007

2145155937.jpgIt will be a busy week for me starting tomorrow.  I will pick a friend and a mentor at the Mayo Clinic who has accepted my invitation to speak during our Annual Convention of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists- Philippine Chapter: our first ever here in Cebu.  He will do it gratis…meaning without honorarium.  What a man and what a legacy.

And being the host, I hope my friends from Manila and our foreign speakers will not be disappointed with the preparations the organizing committee has done so far.  It has been tough but at the same time too much FUN and comaraderie.

We have so far more than 200 pre-registered guests… when our initial forcast was only 120 doctors.  The CME activites were really formulated by me and Dr Estrelle Lopez of UST to make sure that we have a balanced program that will cater to all physicians handling endocrine cases in our country.

The members of this organization are doing this for free.  Our task is solely to promote the organization with the sole purpose of letting the public know that Endocrinology is one specialty that caters to diseases known to every family in this country especially…Diabetes, Hypertension, Goiter, Osteoporosis among the many….

Our goal is to spread what we know in this specialty that hopefully physicians in far reach areas of the country can still manage their patients without necessarily coming to Cebu or Manila.  This annual convention is only our first in terms of its grand scale but this wont be our last. We will continue to have projects and workshops because our advocacy is to teach… and spread the news of what is right and best for each patient with endocrine disorders.

To Help and Spread Knwoledge is what I do… that’s why I accept invitations to speak to doctors, to laymen, do research and grant interviews for newpapers, radios or TV and write in this website. 

I believe I can do better and be happier if I know I have not only touched the lives of my patients and their families but more than that… by helping other physicians do their job the right way and in turn touched the lives of their patients I havent met or didnt even know. 

For me… my role as a Physician is to continue my “Trio” of advocacy:  

  • To Educate,

  • To Help and

  • To Heal…….

2 Responses to “To Help Teach and Spread Knowledge…”

  1. maxim Says:

    I salute you Doc for the dedication and the hardwork your group has done.

    I wish that everything would turn out right. My payers too.

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks Max… Yap, we need your prayers for a successful meeting.

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