Alcohol Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Attack Risk…

August 14, 2007

3161158791.jpgAfter a hectic schedule or meeting or after a stressful event …one gets invited for a drink!  And one of the common questions I get from friends or patients alike is the question of how BAD is alcohol to one’s body Or how much alcohol can they take.

Alcohol for a diabetic patients is a no-no if one is poorly controlled BUT once the blood glucose is well controlled… alcohol can be made part of the total caloric load as long as it doesnt exceed 2 drinks a day! And this is true to patients with hypertension or cholesterol problems as well.

I came across a very good article from the Harvard Health Letter which I want to share.  Aparently, drinking alcohol can have beneficial effects on one’s blood pressure and the risk of heart attack!


Lay off alcohol is one of the first things people with newly diagnosed high blood pressure are told. Alcohol can cause high blood pressure as well as contribute to it. Abstinence, though, might not be necessary, and may even deny some folks a pleasurable way to ward off heart attacks.

A long-term study of male health professionals suggests that responsible, moderate drinking may benefit people with high blood pressure. In a study published in the January 2, 2007, Annals of Internal Medicine, only 4.9% of the men with high blood pressure who classified themselves as moderate drinkers (one or two drinks a day) had a heart attack during 16 years of follow-up, compared with 6.7% of nondrinkers. That’s about a 25% reduction in heart attack risk. The results are similar to a study of male doctors, which showed fewer deaths due to cardiovascular disease among moderate drinkers than nondrinkers over a five-year period.

Keep in mind that this work shows the average response to alcohol. How it affects you depends on your genes, metabolism, diet, and medications, as well as you and your family’s relationship with alcohol.A drink a day won’t help your blood pressure. (If you are concerned about it, use a home blood pressure monitor that’s been checked at your doctor’s office to make sure it is accurate.) But along with a healthful lifestyle, moderate drinking could protect you from one of its feared effects — a heart attack.



Again…. the old cliche…


Be Safe…Drink in Moderation!





One Response to “Alcohol Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Attack Risk…”

  1. Lito Says:

    nice news to me :). Misconceptions abound in this world and this is another clarification.

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