The Art Of A Relationship….

July 19, 2007

imagesaaa.jpgOver the years that Ive pratice medicine, what I find interesting when seeing patients is the feeling of their trust in us that we are doing the right thing for their health.  For me this is one precious gift we have that should be guarded, protected and should never be abused.  So anytime I give advises to my patients… be it medication or surgery… they know it’s for the good of their health and nothing else!

Giving time to tell them what they want to know and giving them the chance to ask questions are keys to a successful relationship.  This is A True Relationship.  I may not be as smart as the one next door but if patients feel comfortable when they see me then I am a better doctor to the eyes of that patient.

I guess my training at Mayo taught me to deal with patients more than their illness…treat them as your family…. and they will see you again…refer more patients to you and their kids to you.

I guess this is true to everything in this world.  Be it in business, government or as an employer.  It’s the relationship that you have with your customers or your employees that will put you up in the pedestal for your clients and friends to look up to and emulate.

Everytime, my patients leave my office… they often say “thank you”. This has made me think over the years.  I guess they’re thanking me for taking time to explain and to help them understand about their disease and thanking me for making them feel better by the mere fact that now they know what they have and how to handle their illness.  I guess by making them feel that I care and I am here to help was all worth their time to see me.

Build a relationship and one that should last… and that’s what I call SUCCESS!….

Love What You Do and Its Will Show! 


5 Responses to “The Art Of A Relationship….”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    I like it when you said’ love what you do and it will show. I am working in a foreign company and I believe that I have to love my work for me to be a better person and a better dealer of the things I am selling. If I cant explain how my product works and I cant convince my client that I am true to waht I am saying I will not get a sale! Trust is the word-you’re right Doc!

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yes Dorothy… TRUST Is the big thing!

  3. maxim Says:

    I salute to doctors who value and nurture the relationship between the patient and the doctor; who sees their patient as partners and part of the decision making process in the management of their disease. For patients, first and foremost are humans and who seek professional help for them to understand their predicament and who can alleviate their discomfort.

  4. wilson ng Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I always remembered the movie about Patch Adams, who advocated treating people not as patients but as human beings.

    He said that if you treat them like humans, and respect them, you will always win!

  5. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Son… unfortunately that’s one movie I havent seen…I better grab one and watch it soon.

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